WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY MEAN TO BE IN YOUR PRIME?  I asked 100 people that question and it seems that for most of us, we don't know that the best years of our lives ARE the best years of our lives until we see them in the rearview mirror...but why not feel the power of your prime right now?

RETHINK YOUR PRIME embodies a mighty idea -- we have a 'prime' for every stage of our lives.  Are you living at your peak, your pinnacle, your prime?

If so, bravo!  Reach out to me and tell me the story of your glory.  If not, get yourself a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can plan the path to your prime.  First we learn, then we earn.                                                                                                                                        -- Lee Bell, NC               


Traditional, or allopathic, medicine is focused on disease whereas functional medicine is obsessed with optimizing wellness and disease prevention. Testing may include Adrenal Stress Profiles, Hormone Status, 

Metabolic Assessment Profiles,

and DNA testing to get to the

root cause of what ails you.  

cognitive therapy support

our goal is to EDUCATE:  specifically, MEN AND WOMEN  WHO SEEK to maximize vitality, mood, sleep, LIBIDO, and manage weight.  


Our program has been developed through the prism of functional nutrition, cognitive therapy techniques to EASE THE transition to more advantageous Eating habits, and optimum lifestyle education.  

We provide a road map to address the psychological pitfalls that we so often face --feeling discouraged, deprived, or unmotivated -- when adopting a new relationship with food.  It's relatively easy to learn which nutrient-dense foods will give us the greatest health benefits, the real power is in knowing how to manage emotional eating and disarm our sabotaging behavior.  

•Meal plans based on  individual needs such as    personal preferences, level  of activity, and health status

•Emphasis on nutrient dense,  seasonal, whole-foods 

•Optimizing digestion,  elimination, and gut health

•Lifestyle recommendations

•Targeted supplementation


•Supportive Handouts 

•Detox programs

Hormones influence virtually every aspect of our physical and mental health.  These include how we metabolize food, our quality of sleep, how we think, our capacity to cope with stress, how receptive we are to building and maintaining muscle mass, our libido, just to name a few. Each of us requires a unique balance to achieve mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  

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